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The first consultation


For the first visit, please bring a photo of yourself, information about your medical history and that of your relatives, and a copy of your vaccination card.

In a detailed discussion of about 60-90 minutes, a complete case study is created. The aim of this discussion is to capture and understand you as a patient in your entirety with all your physical symptoms and psychological characteristics.

Acute complaints can often be treated by a telephone consultation. If you own a homeopathic medicine chest, I will tell you the remedy, otherwise you will receive the remedy by post.




Based on the homeopathic reference work (repertory) and the Materia Medica (book of homeopathic medicines), a differentiation is made between the homeopathic remedies in question. The choice of the homeopathic remedy is based on the symptoms talked about in the consultation, study of patient and family history, and repertorisation.

Follow-up consultation


Depending on the complaint, a follow-up check is indicated after 4-8 weeks. In this conversation, I assess the progress of the treatment, the healing process and the need for further treatment.


The more consciously you observe yourself, the better you can support the healing progress. 

Image by Gul Zeynep Genc

Classic homeopathy

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