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Systemic hypnotherapy

What does systemic hypnotherapy help with?

With systemic hypnotherapy, old, self-damaging "programs/patterns" from the subconscious can be uncovered. Do you want to know what causes negative emotions and how to resolve them? Do you get symptoms when you think about someone who has hurt or disappointed you? Do you have beliefs and behavioral patterns that prevent you from realizing your full potential?


My offer is aimed at you if you:

  • have recurring stressful feelings such as: fears, anger, aggression, sadness, insecurity, powerlessness, lack of energy, inner emptiness, joylessness, hopelessness, worries, feelings of guilt, jealousy

  • suffer from stress and irritability

  • suffer from a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Having recurring thought patterns like: I can't do this, I can't do this, I'm not worth it, I'm not good enough, I have to work hard to be successful, etc.

  • Have conflicts and blockages in everyday life, which appear again and again in the areas of family, partnership and work

  • Need support in recognizing the causes of physical symptoms as a basis for promoting the body's own healing powers

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a method to get into a hypnotic trance. This state is characterized by deep relaxation and temporarily altered attention. This greatly increases the responsiveness of the unconscious, the ability to concentrate on a specific thing and the ability to remember. At the same time, consciousness and its inherent ability to accept criticism recede into the background. Only in this way certain phenomena can be amplified or perceived at all.

It is the subconscious layers of the soul and their conflicts that become accessible to you through hypnosis. Thus, hypnosis is a key that opens the doors to past events. By looking at and working through it, you gain new insights and can develop further. The hypnosis work is thus a tool for change and healing. 


What does systemic mean?

In systemic hypnotherapy, people are perceived in all their relationships. Disturbances in the system affect one's own well-being, behavior and one's own relationship patterns.


Which relationships are not in balance with you? The relationship with parents, siblings, partner, children or the relationship with yourself?


Systemic hypnotherapy explores the deeper causes behind a symptom, a blockage or a mental conflict.  The focus here is on uncovering previous stressful events - self-experienced or unconsciously taken over from the family system - which are still effective today.


What happens before and during a systemic hypnosis session?

Before the first hypnosis session, you will receive a questionnaire, which on the one hand serves for self-reflection and on the other hand gives me an overview of who I am dealing with and which topics the work is about.


In hypnotherapy we will discuss your questionnaire and your concerns.

- Where do you feel suffering?

- What's on your mind?

- What do you want to achieve?

After clarifying the concerns, we start with the first hypnosis session, which will last about 60-90 minutes.

You will be led into a pleasant state of relaxation. I support you in bringing out the images and the associated feelings from the past. They tell of past experiences and feelings that you can consciously remember and also of those that you are not aware of. The stressful events are stored in the nervous system and show up in the form of physical symptoms. These are decoupled from the autonomic nervous system using a special technique. Using pictures and sentences, a healing process is set in motion so that life energy can flow freely again. After that we go back to the same situation where you got physical symptoms and then test if those symptoms are still there. If no, the session is closed or the next one begins. If so, another session is needed so that the remaining symptoms can also be resolved. Finally, the journey goes back to the present.

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